ENVIROFI Catalogue Overview

The ENVIROFI Catalogue is the central repository for implementations of Specific Enablers (SE) for the environmental Usage Area within the Future Internet Public Private Partnership programme (FI-PPP).  In addition, the catalogue presents the ENVIROFI pilot scenarios - concrete examples of adopting a combination of ENVIROFI Specific Enablers and FI-Ware Generic Enablers (GE) for domain specific tasks.

ENVIROFI specific enablers are broken into six thematic groups based on the type of functionality and role they provide. The specific enabler thematic groups are as follows:

  • Harvesters, connectors and mediators: collection of brokers, connectors and mediator services which support protocols and data models found in the environmental domain. This thematic class of specific enabler is there to facilitate easier interoperability between specific enabler services, encouraging agile and flexible service composition in the future internet.
  • Geo-referenced data collection applications: geo-referenced observation and sample data is key in the environmental usage area. The services in this thematic class provide ways to record and archive geo-tagged measurements for later use by other specific enablers such as fusion services. The enablers in this class are designed to support crowd sourcing of environmental measurements, recording multi-author data at a scale to exploit fully the future internet.
  • Semantic tagging tools: tools and services that provide support for semantic enrichment of environmental data streams and sources. This thematic class includes environmental domain ontology support, harvester services and linked data services allowing uncertainty annotation of existing measurement resources.
  • Fusion tools for heterogeneous data sources: heterogeneous environmental data fusion services operating at different semantic levels. This thematic class includes pre-processing, feature extraction, situation assessment and prediction services, preparing and aggregating environmental data into formats suitable for use by human end users and automated services such as alert services.
  • Event detection and notification services: services which provide a variety of notification mechanisms compatible with the environmental geospatial standards and protocols.
  • Geospatial data provisioning and storage: services related to the provisioning and storage of environmental observations and measurements. This category includes a number of existing open source environmental services that have gained traction in the environmental geospatial community.

Each SE is essentially a component specification and will allow concrete software to be developed to act as a proof of concept. They offer a variety of environmental services which can be adopted and tailored for domain specific requirements.

Note: SEs are intended to be (environmental) application neutral, but the current proof of concept implementations may be implementing only part of the specifications and may require additional development effort for use in application scenarios other than those envisaged in ENVIROFI.